Our Services for Property Owners

What We Offer


For real estate owners we provide a reliable and active commercial brokerage service. We strive to kick off the cash flow from your property fast and in a cost-effective fashion through our overwhelming network of contacts and extensive market knowledge. Our expertise is at your disposal in an improvement-friendly way to boost the leasing of your premises.


We put a lot of effort in the marketing process and this distinguishes us from other actors in the industry. Your premises are guaranteed an excellent visibility thanks to our highly developed communication system. The objects in our marketing are found on our own websites as well as on all the most significant web portals.


Tyhjä toimitilaTutustumme tiloihinne henkilökohtaisesti, jotta saamme kohteesta tarvittavat kuvat ja tiedot
Toimitilan markkinointiMarkkinoimme tiloja tunnetuissa portaaleissa laadukkailla ilmoituksilla
Luomme kysyntäLaaja toimitilavalikoimamme luo kysyntää, josta tuomme teille parhaat vuokralaisehdokkaat
Toimitilan kassavirran käynnistyminenPienennämme vuokrauksen riskejä ja veloitamme ainoastaan onnistuneista vuokrauksista

We Find the Best Tenants


Thanks to our extensive local selection and our versatile additional services we can offer a broad demand from which we cull the most appropriate rental candidates for you. We also check the tenants risk classification and possible defaults. We ensure that the rental process runs smoothly and we follow the development of the tenants needs.


Our specialists will find rental candidates and potential buyers for your premises. We also take care of the necessary background work for you. We identify the applicants’ needs and assist you until the assignment of the premises. Through our services you will get more rental candidates, save time and open the cash flow from the premises fast. Our services will not cause you any unnecessary costs, because we only charge for successful rentals.

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